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Was Trump's Letter to Biden real? DT's Operation "Checkmate" in effect. Why no pardon for Assange


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Published on Jan 20, 2021

BREAKING: Like all, godless, Socialist-Communists, lefties like Joe Biden are pathological liars. Beijing Biden just spoke to his acolytes in the MSM media and falsely reported that Donald Trump left him a long and "gracious letter." NOTHING CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Find out what our true and great President really said.
"gracious letter." We have 2 Community strikes here at YT. Incase we are gone please join me on RUMBLE web site:
*We can't verify the authenticity of the letter (it's online only) but after I had it texted to me I called my contact, It could be someone's facsimile fake but I heard from someone very close that this was what was said in the original- also, contact said that there was another that warned Biden not to mess up all the progress

President Trump & constitutionalist, loyalist America 1st Brass launch the final phase of Operation Checkmate - which required the President to be ousted from office via a treasonous coup. Be patient patriots. It will all come out.

Also, why Julian Assange was not granted a Presidential pardon when other criminals & traitors to the President were. There is more than meets the eye. I mean Wray & Barr, Sessions- ALL black hats in this saga. Trump kept Wray. Its like the MAJOR mystery of his administration - we told direct family for 3.5 years to get rid of him but went unheeded. He was a disciple of Comey & Mueller. It could be Wray was assigned by NWO to keep a leash on Trump and Trump was in over his head and cut a deal for immunity later on - it seems he got that immunity deal since he doesn't feel the need to pardon himself or his family & Julian Assange has been thrown under the bus- God knows all

The President will return to his duly elected legal position. God is in control.
Chin up. The joy of the Lord is our strength.
God bless America!
Federico Cardella


Federico Cardella
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