Radio 3Fourteen - Kim Falconer - Quantum Enchantment, Astrology & Laws of Attraction


Red Ice TV


Published on Jul 3, 2012

Kim Falconer is an Australian, bestselling author born in Santa Cruz, CA. She writes speculative fiction including science fantasy and epic fantasy. Kim trains in the art of the Japanese sword to choreograph her fight scenes. She is also a published astrologer who has studied mythology, tarot and metaphysical philosophy. Falconer is multi-faceted and versed in subjects ranging from Jungian psychology to art history to self-sufficiency farming. She'll discuss deeper concepts from her book series Quantum Enchantment and also Quantum Encryption. We'll discuss Arthur C. Clark's notion of advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. This opens up a conversation about consciousness and the way we perceive the world, including global unrest. Then, Kim talks about the best approach to using astrology. She'll explain how astrology and the laws of attraction work together. Later, she tells about her new book series Amassia, about a preindustrial Earth after quite a few cycles of extinction.