Music Fuels Your Emotions (Sep 10)




Published on Sep 10, 2017

This time Esteban talked about the spirit in the music, for example in bachata music, such as by Romeo Santos and Aventura, which is very feminine, makes you emotional and desire for a girl, and also express love for your mother. It gives you a high. James put his pride in his music taste. He realized it kept him immature, and it keeps people from focusing on their work and facing reality. Esteban had to listen to music right before and after work. It was an escape. Then we talked about our relationship histories — Joel had the most interesting story, in that he was punched by a girl he got smart with too much. She came from a violent past. Nobody has been in any serious relationship for more than a few months. Joel said he skipped steps — he had sex with his girlfriend so he couldn't see the relationship clearly, and they moved too fast.

Live Sunday 9am-10am PT. Hosted by James Hake, Joel Dominick, and Esteban Ricaurte

Executive Producer: Jesse Lee Peterson.

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