Floating private island for celebrities


Pravda Report


Published on May 14, 2013


Check out this floating private island - perfect for globe-trotting celebrities.
The man-made haven features two diesel engines so it can quickly move around just like a yacht, far from prying eyes. The $6.5 million USD oval-shaped Orsos Island, designed by an Austrian firm, boasts 1,000 square meters [approx 10,750 square feet] of luxury living space, with six bedrooms spread over three floors.
It features its own palm trees, a swimming pool, its own games room, as well as a karaoke suite, along with a jazuzzi, sun loungers and an aquarium. Spokeswoman Elizabeth Recsy told a US news channel: "Since we launched there has been an unbelievable amount of interest in the island.
"Everyday I get inquiries from people all over the world including the US, Europe, Middle East and China." The 37 meter long [121 ft] island also has its own solar panels and wind generators to provide power. The island is in the pre-production phase. The company says it has several orders already.


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