The word "Nazi" and my feelings about it...


Reenactor Guy


Published on May 2, 2017

Here is how I feel about the word Nazi.... Let me be clear, I am NOT a national socialist, I AM A LIVING HISTORIAN. I represent the front line soldier who was fighting on the side of their country just as ALL soldiers were in WW2 and many other wars. I do not represent the political people who committed war crimes during the war.

You are about to watch a video on my channel, Reenactor Guy. Although this page is non political, it does contain Third Reich images and symbology which may offend some viewers.

If you are easily offended by images of WWII German soldiers or symbology associated with the Third Reich, you should leave this site now by clicking the BACK button on your browser. Continuing to watch indicates you are aware of exposure to the aforementioned images and symbology and that you understand these images and symbols are used ONLY in the interest of historical accuracy in portraying a German WWII period soldier.

Furthermore, I am acutely aware of the horrors of war and the evil practices of the Third Reich. This page, and the re-enacting hobby, were NOT created to further the National Socialist ideology, nor support its political goals, nor promote hatred, racism, or violence. This page serves the sole purpose of educating the public and helping others get into the hobby of WWII reenacting.

Thank you.