Sarah Ruth Ashcraft Says Tom Hanks is a Pedophile (The Man With One Red Shoe)


Bill Smith


Published on Jul 24, 2018

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft vs Tom Hanks on Twitter: "This is me at 13, the age I was when @tomhanks purchased me from my father for sex as a dissociated #mindcontrol doll. I wonder how much he paid? I wonder how much $$ my father made for breaking my mind & selling my child body throughout my life. Will I ever get to know?…"

obama tom hanks medal at DuckDuckGo

Michelle Obama Launches Voter Registration Campaign with Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Tom Hanks on Twitter: "30 years on April 30. ‘88 To ‘18. Magic numbers. Hanx and @RitaWilson… "

PJ on Twitter: "Tom is also a FreeMason. (Hand of fidelity) The free masons are an occult organisation, nothing good comes from them. They're so tied up with Hollywood and musicians.…"

Miss Positivity (@harnessdhashtag) | Twitter

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft on Twitter: "Chester Bennington (RIP) was ritually sacrificed by his biological FATHER, John PODESTA, during Sacrifice of the First Born Males ritual week associated w/ the Dog Days (Sirius the Dog Star/Star of SET as in TEMPLE OF SET). #theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS…"

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft on Twitter: "I know. He plays the nice guy so well. He's even sweet to the little girls he plays with. But that's not nice or sweet, to play with little girls or to let men rent his little boy. He's a pedophile who keeps company with other pedophiles.…"

Tom Hanks on Instagram: “Found. At bottom of the sea. 1 girls(?) shoe. To claim call 1- NEptune 44 66. Hanx”

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tom hanks shoe - Twitter Search

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The Man with One Red Shoe (1985) - IMDb

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