BREAKING: 2 Mystery Women of LAS VEGAS SHOOTING Identified - Hold key to solving Case


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Published on Oct 8, 2017

BREAKING: The TWO "MYSTERY WOMEN" have been identified by the FBI- as a Las Vegas hooker & an undisclosed friend -
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of the prostitute who was also a companion of the mass murderer Stephen Paddock in the final days leading up to the Las Vegas mass shooting. No doubt she (they) most likely knew about the ensuing vicious and well planned attack by Paddock and very well may be able to cast some light on the investigation. Also in this report we will DEBUNK some crazy disinformation & nut job conspiracy theories coming from the LEFT on ALT RIGHT newscasts. The questions this report examines are 1. Were either of these women present with Paddock in his Mandalay Bay hotel room or any other hotel on the Vegas Strip prior to the biggest mass shooting in US ? 2. Is either of them CONNECTED IN ANYWAY TO THE MYSTERY WOMAN WHO RAN TO GET UP ON THE STAGE SCREAMING "YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE TONIGHT?" This foreboding and dire warning was witnesses by many. 3. Does the Las Vegas Sheriff investigating whether or not either were an accomplice? This could explain how he received help carrying all the weaponry up to his hotel room. 4. Since Paddock was on psychotropic drugs and a heavy drinker, in a drug induced or drunken stupor, did he talk in his sleep or by error reveal his sinister plan to attack 23,000 unsuspecting and innocent concert goers? 5.Could these mystery women solve the dilemma of WHY PADDOCK did this atrocity? They could hold the key to unlocking this entire investigation.
Law enforcement authorities already knew that one of the "mysterious women"with Paddock was NOT Stephen Paddock's, girlfriend Marilou Danley who he had sent back to her native country Philippines on September 25th wiring her $127,000 USD recently as a farewell gift. Is the mysterious woman screaming at the concert the same person as the prostitute or a different women - maybe a friend of the hooker? What do the eye witnesses say?
This report also debunks some crazy conspiracy theories - some implicating our current CIA director, Mike Pompeo and even President Trump actually ordering the attack. Can you believe that there are self promoting ALT Right newscasters defaming our president this way or could it be this is ANTIFA disinformation as part of their "divide & conquer" strategy to take down our beloved Republic? It appears the shooter Stephen Paddock did read ANTIFA literature and that he had been radicalized as now ANTIFA, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and others in the Shadow Government are pushing to overturn the Second Amendment & destroy our US Constitution. One thing is clear- THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT is behind this attack- not our nationalist President Donald J. Trump or his administration! Crazy newscasters! Useful idiots of the left wing ANTIFA and globalists! No doubt ANTIFA & left wing allied with Islamic groups like CAIR, EMGAGE, * Black Lives Matter(Soros funds both) are interested in causing chaos and anarchy in their quest to overthrow the American Republic and InspoNews will be here to cast light upon their schemes. We think the Mystery woman who warned the crowd to flee the concert 2 hours before the attack was connected to Paddock and had knowledge of his plans to strike. We think she the second "mystery woman" and is an essential key to solving many of the questions Americans now have regarding this horrible atrocity. Useful Idiots in ALT RIGHT news channels being manipulated by SHADOW GOVERNMENT funded by Soros and Hillary Clinton, Obama - they all deny that Paddock was a Left wing nut and pro Islamist - yet this cruel, murderous, Alternative government is using this to attack our US Constitution! Wake up TUBERS! That's why Hillary is on the MSM yesterday arrogantly claiming that if she had been elected President, none of this would be happening. Then she laughs at President Trump's own AG when like a coward he recused himself from a made up Russian ruse and hence the door is now open for the Nazi -democrat Special Counsel Mueller to investigate Trump while she goes unscathed. Absurd! Shows how deep the NWO, Deep State Shadow government roots truly go!
Stay tuned as we will update this story tonight. Federico Cardella InspoNews 1-407-961-9480.
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