Marcus Follin: "The Defense of the West Begins with You"


American Renaissance


Published on May 25, 2018

Marcus "The Golden One" Follin urges nationalists to become the best versions of themselves, and thereby to lead by example and attract others, instead of being the caricatures the media want. Ultimately, this will lead to a chain reaction as more and more people join the “quest for glory.”

Mr. Follin proposes eight steps. 1) Dress well, appropriately to the occasion. 2) Be fit and pursue the ideal of a “healthy mind in a healthy body.” 3) Be well-spoken and temperate. 4) Reject the degeneracy of drug use, drunkenness, and pornography. 5) Use the powerful weapon of humor. 6) Set and enforce high standards. 7) Maintain a high and uplifting level of culture. 8) Network face-to-face, especially as the current plague of deplatforming raises the possibility that nationalists may not be able to rely on the internet much longer.

Marcus Follin:

American Renaissance: