Proof video nuclear underground explosion 9/11


Hollands Glorie


Published on Jul 28, 2016

When in the 60's the skyscrapers became virtually indestructible steel frame buildings, that needed a shit load of conventional explosives to destroy, they insisted that you had to have a demolition plan in place before you were allowed to build. In those times, there was relatively little known about nukes and their long term effect on the human body. They choose to place a small nuclear device (mini nuke) about 70 meters deep into the granite bedrock (by drilling) and leave it there until needed. You will understand that this nuclear device was not placed by your average plumber, but in secret by a government organisation. Back then, it was just a quick and dirty way to bring down a skyscraper. I personally think that the construction of WTC1 & WTC2 was based on this device, because the mini nukes created holes underneath the WTC buildings in which the central cores would plunge and fizzle into oblivion. That's why the molten steel was seen for 99 days after the "attack". This is also why the antenna of WTC1 would drop first, as seen on many videos. (and went straight down the hole right after the collaps, also seen on videos) If you look at the construction of these buildings you will see a central core, completely loose of the outer shell. The concrete floors were resting on both. If one would give way, the whole construction of the building is gone and can be destroyed with conventional explosives.
There are many tests on the internet that show hi rates of fizzing products. This also explains the car park with the burned cars outside WTC1 & 2. This was caused by super heated air that escaped from the building when they collapsed. How do you think the WTC "meteorite" was created? (go there with a Geiger Muller counter and see) Why do you think they called it Ground Zero? They even changed the dictionaries after 9/11 for crying out loud. Before 9/11 it had only ONE meaning. The point a nuclear explosion is going to happen.
-- Hollands Glorie