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Black Supremacist conservative VS Alt Right Tranny Conservative (NO PC) ...PROMO


philosophy is freedom


Published on Dec 3, 2016

Promo for Tommy Sotomayor VS Jairalee Jones
The drip dripping feud Between Black supremacist conservative vs Alt Right Tranny on White genocide and Tranny bullshit, it has begun!

But this is just the promo.
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So now that I am borrowing a clip from Atheism-is-Unstoppable I got to confess I did sort of bit the name Anyways the fowl mouth is from this video I have to admit for a Hilary Clinton supporter he had a really cool intro... #Trump2016
Anyways that fowl mouth is Athiest SJW Steve Shives, and it is extra funny cause he is such an SJW virtue signaler but some deliciously unusual footage is found here