Pandemic Propaganda: Positive Tests ARE NOT Cases


Rubber Ring


Published on Sep 6, 2020

As more and more people wake up to this being about a lot more than just a virus, and as massive protests are being planned in the UK and other countries, right on cue, we get a sudden "spike of cases". Now will these new "cases" be used to justify further lockdowns, restrictions on public gathering, and particularly protests? We shall see, but it is imperative that people are aware that the vast majority of these new "cases", are NOT cases at all, they are merely positive tests. And considering the PCR test is an inappropriate way to test for a virus (the inventor of the test said as much) who knows how many of these positive tests are even genuine positive tests? And even if they ARE positive tests, this tells us little about how much person a virus has in them, whether it is a live virus, whether that person will get sick, how infectious that person is, etc. It really is just layer upon layer of deception. Please wake up to what's going on and how the mainstream media are propagandising you in this 'bio-security threat' psy-op.

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