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BREAKING: The KRAKEN Released. Flood of evidence reveals massive election fraud on multiple fronts


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Published on Nov 26, 2020

BREAKING: The "KRAKEN" is finally Released. Flood of evidence reveals massive election fraud on multiple fronts. Sydney Powell is in her own lane filing credible, major lawsuits in Georgia & Michigan while Rudy Giuliani & the President team is scoring victories in Pa. & Nevada etc.

There is such a flood of evidence coming in on so many fronts it took us nearly 3 hours to compile in a complete synopsis much of it. This is a historical video tome of sorts chronicling the GREATEST CRIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY. No doubt this is one that folks will have to watch in segments.

No matter, so many do not fully comprehend that we are in fact at WAR with a domestic enemy which has & will betray American power & sovereignty to foreign adversaries while at the same time trying to steal a national election. These Democrats' will say & do anything- legal or illegal to get power in DC.

God forbid, if they succeed in stealing this election, once in power these traitors will fundamentally change our Constitutional form of government forever. By doing this these tyrants seek total control over every aspect of our lives, our incomes. our retirement savings, health care, private property rights, borders etc. No doubt they will trample under foot for the "community" or collective good, all of our most sacred & cherished individual LIBERTIES & civil rights.

The Steal must be stopped NOW by all freedom loving patriots. The President in no wise should concede as this would be tantamount to surrendering the Republic to immoral, godless, globalists & translational COMMUNISTS (or more civilly described as SOCIALISTS), These liars & corrupt seditious people attacked this President illegally for 4 years & have already promised revenge on he, his family and the good freedom .loving folks who support him.

Jesus said the TRUTH will set you free & KEEP you free. May truth and Justice flow down from Heaven Lord like a mighty stream so as to save & preserve this great country.

The Kraken represents a combination of loyalist military intel of the massive fraud by foreign agents on our sacred election process as well as the efforts of great lawyers filing lawsuits with such evidence and more in all 6 major swing states ans te 6 major urban counties where the bulk of the cheating took place,

God save the President.
God keep America free & independent forver!
Federico Cardella


Federico Cardella
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