Dan Roodt: "The South African Crisis in World Perspective"


American Renaissance


Published on Jun 3, 2016

Afrikaner author and activist Dan Roodt addresses the 2016 American Renaissance conference. He describes his people as the canaries in the coal mine. They are whites who have given up power to a non-white majority, and their fate signals what is in store if other white groups lose majority status.

Dr. Roodt explains that, despite the overwhelming prejudice his people face, Afrikaners might have a better future in South Africa than elsewhere in the Western world. They are reviving their distinctive culture and crowds spontaneously break into the old, apartheid national anthem, “Die Stem.” “There could be a crisis,” he said, “and we could take back the parts of the country that matter and once again fly our old orange, white and blue flag.” “The canary in the mine is not dead,” he said. “He is working,” chipping away at the rock face.


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