Avestan Aryan Ancestry: How Aryan are Iranians Genetically?


Iran Talk


Published on Mar 3, 2022

In this video, I take a look at the amount of Aryan ancestry contemporary Iranians have. Per my research, the Iranians of today average around 40 to 50% Avestan Aryan ancestry. My analysis also take a look at the amount of Aryan ancestry found in neigboring regions. These regions are Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iraq. These populations are also largely Aryan genetically. The Avestan Aryans themselves had significant Iranian farmer derived ancestry from the Bactria Margiana Archaeological Complex in Central Asia. All autosomal breakdowns were done using Davidski's G25 on the Vahaduo site.

The sources are listed below:

Sources: https://genoplot.com/g25, https://vahaduo.genetics.ovh/index-g25.html.

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