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Published on Dec 16, 2011

@IsraelNationalTV- when a Pharisee: that was: a friend of Jesus asked him: "Who is my neighbor?" already: by this question: is obvious: the evil of Talmud. that's why Jesus tells the parable of the "Good Samaritan". Why, only he was been compassionate to let you know, like, the best of all, was a man, rightly considered a heretic. but, meanwhile, was been he alone: to do: the God's will: that is to save the precious creation of God condemned to death by robbers. be failed: all the representatives of the official religion! and when Jesus says, "you're just like the Samaritan!". He condemned the Talmud! But, for to condemn the Talmud?, it would not: sufficient a prophet! but, is also sufficient: a child: is why Jesus said, "if you are not like children? You do not will enter the kingdom of God!". even if there are of the secondary variations: however, all the men and their religions: believe: all over the world: that God is ONE: and that He is"holy"!. Now, the only category of the holiness?: can be to be: 1. Almighty, 2. infinitely just, and, 3. infinite goodness! Now to think that God wanted: Racism: for a difference: about: religion: or race, or that he has created animals in human form (Talmud)? This is Satanism! This is the real blasphemy blasphemy. and: apostasy! This is a desecration clear: against: the first commandment. Since the concept of the divine nature: in the Christian is not to superiority: "because the greatest, of all is the one who serves: while:" Every man is my brother". I say, something that is absolutely obvious, therefore, each person in the world right now: you know, with mathematical certainty: If he is condemned already: by God for being: already: expelled from his kingdom! Because even the simplest things? they are denied to all those who were doomed to a hell of destruction. In fact, some believe to be superior: to another man(racism) just because he has a piece(of cloth) on his head? or, because he has a splash of color between the eyes? or he has a specific book? etc.? But this is idolatry! In fact, the greatest of all sins, is that think bad and dishonest things: against: our common Creator: that is to go against the 1 st commandment! [[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] "To Seek Out That Which was Lost." We present this information as a service to our readers. Its inclusion, Should not be construed as the Authors 'or the Relays' endorsement, of our: Beliefs. or as our endorsement of Theirs. The Truth: will stand on it's: own Merit. could resist, at a analyze: historico-critical: all this accusations: against Jesus and his mother? A person dishonored: him could have done: the rabbi ? Accusations about the integrity of his mother, if known, would not have been said and reported: by his contemporaries?
TheTime4solutions said: With the primary weapon of Enlightened dissengagement a critical mass of humanity exited the Rothschild false debt slavery (USURY) system shortly thereafter the rest of humanity followed. THey are 250. We are 7 BILLION. Evil out of balance will collapse for it is a contradiction. Humanity is about to enter another golden era while evil receeds into the shawdows for the near future. Its a race. On one side the ultimate evil that can extinct humanity and most of life on planet earth perhaps all. On the other side 7 billion sovereign individual humans that wish to survive. Its an individual responsibility in a leaderless ReLOVElution to dissengage. Soon a critical mass will occur and we will be free.
A decadent Rothschild family cary unconciously yearns for self destruction, locked into positions egocentric and schizophrenic warping out of control in desperatation executing the extiction of their own spiecies. I take no credit for your words. I have seen the same as you see with clarity for some several years. The money created out of thin air in secret ownership hidden throught several corporate layers creating false national debts as the tool to enforce the immoral extorted theft called tax system. The control system forcing humanity into immoral acts of cowardice to liars theives and murders. Enlightened disengagement.THe warmongers find war so atractive and promote it so well the crowd cheers war. Yet of those cheering how many have seen the dead children and crying families after a war plane drops bombs, how many will shoot through the head or heart another human. War is not some movie war is murder mass murder. War is blood on your soul, a perpetual eturnal nitmare of guilt. SOvereign humans do not prosicute war in the name of fake governments nor for bankgangsters. War is evil.

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