#213: Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen? —Mark Shaw




Published on Jan 5, 2021

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Although not well known today, Dorothy Kilgallen was a well-known celebrity reporter and one of the panelists stars of the hit game show What's My Line? she was an interesting mixture of intellectual, glamorous, and she exuded a down-home charm.

The world was shocked to learn that she was found dead in her bed on the morning of November 8th 1965. The coroner’s report said, “alcohol and barbiturates” and that the circumstances were “undetermined.”

What really happened, and why should you care?

My guest this week is former criminal defense attorney and author Mark Shaw. Over his 25+ books, two of them are about Dorothy’s death and is convinced she was murdered by, most likely, a probable combination of rogue government agents and mafia figures.

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