Report by Press Centre Chief of Yug Group of Forces (May 7, 2023)


Djuki San


Published on May 7, 2023


◽️Aviation of the Yug Group of Forces has destroyed an assembly area of the 81st Motorised Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Grigorovka and Serebryanka. In the same settlements of Lisichansk area, a Krab self-propelled artillery system and 120mm mortar of the AFU were destroyed during the counter-battery warfare.

◽️In Soledar–Bakhmut direction, a missile unit of the Yug Group of Forces engaged one ammunition depot of the 54th Separate Mechanised Brigade and a temporary deployment area of the battalion of the 57th Separate Mechanised Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

💥An artillery crews of the Yug Group of Forces eliminated one 120mm mortar and up to 10 Ukrainian troops in Avdeevka.

💥In co-operation with special forces units, a tank crew of the Yug Group destroyed an ammunition depot and a group of enemy infantry near Belogorovka.

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