Carl Schmitt & The Jews (4-22-20)


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Published on Apr 22, 2020

00:00 Youtube gave me a hate speech strike for my video on Jews & capitalism
01:30 Discovering Paul Gottfried led me to Carl Schmitt
16:30 Elliott Blatt boycotts Amazon, tries to buy a mask at Costco
43:00 Mike joins to discuss Covid, historikstreit, documentaries, Waco, Tim McVeigh
1:34:30 Jerry Z. Muller: What Jacob Taubes Saw in Carl Schmitt,
1:39:40 Tucker asks: Why are we bowing to Apple on immigration?
1:41:15 An epic Sopranos-style Italian-American rant on Covid-19
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Carl Schmitt and the Jews: The "Jewish Question," the Holocaust, and German Legal Theory by Raphael Gross,,
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