Ruuben Kaalep: "A Call to Action from a Small White Country"


American Renaissance


Published on Jun 3, 2016

Ruuben Kaalep, the founder and leader of the youth wing of the Conservative Peoples Party of Estonia, addresses the 2016 American Renaissance conference. Mr. Kaalep speaks of the 12,000-year history of the Estonian people, and explains that they have survived “because we fought invaders one after another until none is left.” Survival is not a matter of luck, he says, but of struggle. “You must be willing to put yourself at risk,” he says, “but not for abstract principles. Your sacrifice must be for your people.”

Mr. Kaalep speaks of his work organizing torch-light rallies to commemorate Estonian independence. Europeans, he concludes, must bury their old rivalries and defend their continent together. The flames of their torches are the hope of Europe, a Europe of homelands, in which the roots of each people will sink deep and nourish rich and everlasting identities.

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