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Jordan Peterson Gives Advice to Young Men in Their 20s #shorts




Published on Nov 5, 2021

Jordan Peterson Gives Advice to Young Men in Their 20s #shorts

Jordan Peterson gives advice to men in their 20’s on
The @Mikhaila Peterson Podcast.
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--- If you want to improve yourself, you might look to someone you admire and imitate them. You'll pull yourself towards them by the process of imitation.

You might think comparing yourself to someone is different than imitating, but imitating and comparing are the same thing. When you compare yourself to someone, you start pulling yourself towards them. You have to be careful you don't get envious or resentful. In some sense, by continually imitating somebody at a higher level, you're always unfulfilled. In another sense, that means you're always growing.

Jung believed the book of Revelations had been tacked onto the New Testament because the Christ in the gospels was portrayed too much as a figure of mercy. Whereas, in Revelations, Christ is portrayed primarily as a judge. Jung’s explanation was that every ideal is a judge. The ultimate ideal is the ultimate judge. The ultimate ideal judges your soul. The higher the ideal, the more severe the judge. That should make you quake. When your conscience assaults you in the middle of the night for things you’ve done wrong, it’s because you’re quaking in your boots, morally, because you’ve failed to live up to this ideal.

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