Russian prisoners join PMC Wagner to take part in Ukraine conflict


Pravda Report


Published on Nov 30, 2022

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of private military company Wagner, posted a video of Russian prisoners from the Kemerovo region who joined the PMC. The video was published in the official VK group by the press service of Concord Company that Prigozhin owns.

By publishing this video, Prigozhin responded to a request from a website that inquired about his visit to a colony in the Kemerovo region to recruit new fighters for PMC Wagner. In response to the question whether the convicts from the region joined the ranks of PMC Wagner fighters, Prigozhin replied: “I was nearby, I forwarded the question.”

The published video shows men dressed in military uniforms and holding weapons in their hands. The men in the video say that they will soon “earn medals”.

“Hey guys. We are from Kuzbass. Correctional Colony 29. We are currently undergoing training (...) We will soon go into battle (…)," the prisoners in the video can be heard saying.

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