Not Gaddahn, Water Wars, Right to the Internet - New World Next Week




Published on Mar 11, 2010

Welcome, ladies & gentlemen, to the latest episode of the New World Next Week - brought to you by James Corbett of Corbett Report & James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy. This week we turn the spotlight some on the bad actors in the War of Terror, specifically Azzam the American & Jihad Jane. We also turn on the spigot to get a taste of the coming water wars + even more good news on the internet as a 'fundamental right'.

Story#1: 'Al-qaeda' Agent Held in Pakistan is Not 'Adam Gadahn' Pakistan & the ISI Intelligence Agency
Neocon Bloggers Celebrate Indictment of 'Crazy' Patsy Jihad Jane

Story#2: Water Wars: The 'Endangered' Western States
Agenda 21: The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century

Story#3: Majority of the World Believes Internet Access Is 'a Fundamental Right'
4 in 5 Regard Internet Access as a Fundamental Right
Flashback: Internet Overtakes Print in US News Consumption

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