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mk ultra is pure evil


Published on Jul 27, 2017

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Sinead McCarthy (aka Goyim Goddess) made these 4 videos I uploaded:
1) The Big Picture of Child Trafficking - Mind Control Culture
2) Pizzagate and Beyond - The Big Picture
3) Monarch Mind Control
4) How I Was Sent To a Mind Control Facility

There are 3 playlists of Sinead's work on this channel, to find them look at the:
MK Ultra - Victims / Survivors: L - Z (section)
1) Sinead McCarthy aka Goyim Goddess - Mind Control Facility
2) Goyim Goddess - Compete Collection
3) Goyim Goddess - Music
I don't agree with Sinead on everything, but she has a lot of interesting things to say!
Thanx Sinead, I really appreciate these awesome videos!

ps....I’m sorry but a portion of MY COMMENTS responding back to you ARE, being “GHOSTED”, meaning I can see my own posts, but maybe you can not see them or vice versa?!….I will keep trying to reach you in posts though, I try to respond to everyone!...Also, I approve all comments, even if I disagree with them!

pss…They say, “going down the rabbit hole”, becoming “red pilled”, doing deep research into all these dark secretive things and becoming AWAKE is like…PEELING AN ONION…The deeper the layers you go, the more it makes your eyes water!

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Sinead McCarthy aka Goyim Goddess - Mind Control Facility

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