Deutsche Wehrmacht Parade 1941 - Super Rare Camera Angles!!!


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Published on Oct 15, 2017

Hello again everyone!!! :D Its me, Duch Polvorosa, and I am finally back with another upload! :D As I said in my previous video, that I would be inactive for a while since my "1st Term" exams are coming, and I have to do my studies first to pass my exams. And the good thing is that my exams are now finished, so now I could get back to uploading like before! :)

So to welcome you all back, and to keep you all updated, I have new WWII footage to show you! :) And its isn't just any kind of footage, it is an extra RARE one! ;) And it is the rare camera angle shots of the Deutsche Wehrmacht's 1941 parade! :D

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So this footage shown in the video, is a rare camera angles footage taken during the Deutsche Wehrmacht's 1941 victory parade! Some parts of the video are mixed with the common video footage of the parade to compare it with the rare version. I tried my best to get both of the footages at the same time, so that there is no delay, or advancing portion of the parade footage. This footage was of course, taken at the same date, and at the same time. The rare footage was said to be taken by another news propaganda film crew. By far, this video probably contains the first upload of this very rare footage in YouTube!!! :D

There is not much to say about this footage as there was no description of the footage, except for saying "Deutschen parade 1941". I tried to get some descriptions of the video from other websites but there was none that appeared. And that, might be the reason why my videos description is very short... XD But don't worry, as I'll try to find more descriptions related to the rare footage. :) This probably ends this talk... :/


Parade Song/Title - Defiliermarsch by : Von Carl Faust

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