Gibson speaks in Skamania County about gun rights.


Joey Gibson Patriot Prayer USA


Published on Dec 11, 2018

Gibson speaks in Skamania County about gun rights.
After the great event last Saturday in Stevenson regarding the unconstitutional I-1639 that recently passed, it has become apparent that the people of Skamania County are serious about protecting the constitution.

Skamania County Board of Commissioners meet every Tuesday. Joey Gibson is asking everyone who can attend to be at the court house 12/18/18 by 9 AM (next week). Gibson will make a speech at 9 AM outside before the doors open. Open comments start at 9:30 am in the board room. Anyone who wants to have their voice heard should prepare a 3 minute statement. Even if you do not plan to speak it is still very important that you come and bring everyone you know so that we can make a huge statement visually. Skamania County is leading the way for the rest of the counties who voted no on I-1639. Imagine hundreds of people showing up RESPECTIVELY demanding a local ordinance that protects the constitution in Skamania County. We need your help, tell everyone you know and get as many bodies out there as possible. This is extremely imperative to not only send a message to local officials but to everyone around the state.

All those who believe in the constitution in near by counties should be there too. Getting something done in Skamania County will greatly impact other counties in getting something passed.

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