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Published on Aug 31, 2019

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John Mark's Mark My Words - Political analysis and predictions based on social science, data, and observation, along with proposed solutions for the crisis in America.

Please note:
There are many wonderful and capable people in every group (including every racial/ethnic group, and of both genders).
Social science and data tell us that there are statistical patterns that the majority of certain groups follow; these often show up in political instincts and voting patterns.
One of my primary goals is to help people understand what is happening politically in America, and WHY it is happening. (In short, violations of reciprocity and unresolvable disagreements over what is the truth due to deepseated instincts, produce retaliation cycles.)
Nothing in these videos should be misconstrued as "hate"; I hold no ill-will toward any group.
I do not call for violence.
It is my belief that the conflict in the United States of America can only be resolved by separation of Right and Left. I advocate for peaceful separation.
I predict that secession/separation will occur, and I predict that in some/many cases it will not be peaceful or completely peaceful.
My hope is that open discussion of these issues will drive demand for peaceful solutions.