Alkalize Your Body Milieu - Acidity and Alkalinity With Charlotte Gerson




Published on Jul 5, 2014

Alkalize your body milieu. In this video, Charlotte Gerson explains about the acidity and alkalinity also you will learn about the high alkaline food list. Learn more about cancer treatment at

Once the body pH goes into acidity the blood is unable to transport oxygen.

The whole metabolism goes into a firm intent of situation instead of oxidative energy production.

The only thing tissues and cells can do with fermented of energy is growing splitting grown splitting open split that's cancer and we can now prove that virtually every patient.

Who comes in with cancer has a pH below 7 acidities and within one week of the Gerson therapy.

The PHS above seven and they're healing too much drink the pain go away.

It's that simple if we eat lots of coffee, hamburgers, chocolate, sweets, desserts and packaged foods and chemically label foods our body is going to be acidic.

Because the body you're straining the body tremendously.You're asking the body to do unreasonable acts of biochemistry.

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