100 Patriot protest Jonathan Young at his home office.


Joey Gibson Patriot Prayer USA


Published on Aug 9, 2020

Charges dropped on Kelly Carroll. Jonathan Young must go. Rally is on.

Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Young needs to quit, be fired, or go to jail.

This video outlines the discriminatory, irresponsible, and immature actions that were taken by Jonathan Young. These actions are not only unlawful but highlight how he is a danger to you and your family in the City of Vancouver.

Jonathan Young’s unprofessional and unlawful behavior is unacceptable to hold his position of City Attorney in Vancouver.

1: Discriminatory prosecution
2: Using his power to manipulate the Vancouver Police Department
3: Falk Vs United States
4: Attack on the 1st Amendment
5: Hatred for Christians
6: Liar
7: Emotionally unstable and immature
8: Political bias
9: inexperienced