Metro Dreams - subconscious thoughts of subway passengers


Ross Domoney


Published on Nov 10, 2020

For years the creator of this independent documentary series asked hundreds of subway passengers one simple question...


Through the delicate language of dreams, everyday citizens open up and reveal their deeply personal feelings about the state of the world and how they see themselves in it.

The metro train is always moving as this web series cuts between capitals across the world, transporting millions of people and their dreams, often affected by the climate of governance and conflict which rules life over ground.

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The cities of ‘Metro dreams’ all have their own problems; whether it’s the state of war that looms over Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, or the pandemic which has physically gutted the world's trains whilst paradoxically filling up the dreams of a life which doesn't exist anymore.

The filming has taken place deep underground in gritty spaces that we normally pass through without attention. In this series the labyrinths of the underground have been transformed from public spaces of cold transit into intimate private spaces where the symbolic language of dreams allows commuters to share their wildest fears and fantasies.

The result of this compilation of dreams is an extravagant stream of scenarios; quests and dark thoughts told by workers, aristocrats and eccentrics alike, that hint at what it’s like to live in these cities undergoing social and political crises.

In Kiev, Ukraine a battle hardened man who recently returned from war in the east shares a dream of his mother standing over his coffin at a funeral in the woods. In Catalonia amongst a political crisis of independence a young girl describes an elevator:

“I dream I’m taking an elevator, and I’m going to a certain floor, and the moment that floor arrives, it doesn’t exist. And it goes to the next floor, and it keeps on going up…because the floor I’m trying to get to, isn’t there.”

Scenes of political spectacle often spill over into the metro passages too. In Washington DC at the time of Donald Trumps inauguration carriages full of his supporters ride the metro on route to the White House amongst racial tension.

Unknowingly at the time of the initial filming (2016-2018) the documentary makers captured historical footage of a world that no longer exists. Packed pre pandemic trains transporting the sub-conscious fantasies of commuters, weather on their way to political rallies or raves in cities across the world.

Now metro systems represent desert spaces void of people.

In our Covid-19 world some have no choice but to commute and their subconscious thoughts, representational of us all, have never been so active as our futures are currently locked down.

The ultimate goal is to publish this episodic web series pushing the boundaries of documentary cinema and challenging our world through the ancient language of dreams.

Each episode would be 10-12 minutes long. A season would contain 5-6 episodes. And if successful, we would love for this project to expand beyond one season.

We have already captured 80 percent of the web series content which includes;

Trump: America's conflict underground

The divided dreams of DC’s rapid transit system at the time of Donald Trumps inauguration.

Paris: The city that so no to Le Penn

Riots over-ground as passengers underneath share nightmares in the face of a near far-right victory in Europe.

Ukraine: Dreams from the capital of a country at war

Soldiers share dreams of peace and fantasy as a city comes to terms with it’s collective trauma.

The Pandemic: dreams of a life that once was

Now this project needs your help so that we can bring the footage to life on screen. We are asking for donations to get this series into post production and posted online. The money will go towards;

Editing the footage (3 weeks of editing per episode) into a web series

A musical composition and sound mix involving live instruments

A graphic designer who will add subtle recreations of some dream reconstructions

Construction of a website giving access to dream dissemination

The funding for the filming of two more episodes (locations to be announced)

This is a purely independent production where we do not have to submit to the agenda of commissioners out of touch with the film makers vision. Your contribution to this project allows us to stay fiercely independent.

By contributing to this series and bringing it to life on screen it allows us to reflect on our world through the unique language of dreams.

The series will serve as a geographical map of cities in troubled times, linked together by their metro systems. Much like veins in a body, these metro lines and the carriages that traverse them will take the audience on an unforgettable journey, painting a bigger picture of our world in a time of uncertainty.

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