The Eagles Nest: Inside Hitlers Secret Retreat - Pt.2of2 (1987, Documentary)

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Published on Jul 16, 2020

Deep in the Bavarian Alps, Adolf Hitler ordered the building of a giant Nazi Party headquarters. He called it 'The Führer Territory'. In this 10 sq. kilometre area, surrounded by SS and Gestapo guards with orders to kill on sight, luxury homes were built for the Fuhrer and his Nazi Elite. There were guest houses, a hotel, a farm, a cinema, a nursery, an underground communications centre and giant bunkers for the military high command and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And above it all loomed The Eagles Nest, a mountaintop fortress 6,000 feet up on the top of a sheer mountain peak, which could only be reached by a deep tunnel and a secret elevator shaft. This was the place where he kept his jealously guarded mistress, Eva Braun and here many other Nazi leaders chose to live and raise their families.
The Eagles Nest is a unique insight into Hitler's secret power base and the rise and fall of the Nazi party. Using extensive home movie footage, much of it in colour, the film captures the lives and changing fortunes of Hitler and his most trusted inner circle in a way that the public were never allowed to see them. Here they are captured relaxing. Hitler plays with his dog, dances and poses for the cameras. Hermann Goering commissions a film chronicling a day in the life of his child, Eva Braun films the Nazi leaders and their families enjoying themselves around her and attends to her sister's wedding. This chilling insight into the heart of Hitler's private world also includes rare film of his rise to power and uses extensive combat footage to show the outcome of the fateful decisions he made in the seclusion of his secret retreat.
This 1987 documentary was produced for Dutch television and is based on the book "Het Adelaarsnest : Hitlers Verborgen Machtscentrum" by H. van Capelle and A.P. van de Bovenkamp published in 1985.
Produced by Dr. Pieter van de Bovenkamp, Dr. Henk van Capelle and Willem Herselman.

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