A History Of Vaccines To The Present Pfizer COVID Vaccine & Their Dangers With Dr. Carrie Madej


The Sons of Liberty


Published on Nov 16, 2020

We previously had Dr. Carrie Madej on the show to discuss hydrogels, implantable biosensors and the coming vaccine for COVID. However, since she is very knowledgeable about vaccines in general, I thought it would be informative if she would share her knowledge with our audience so that they are completely informed as to what is in vaccines and why they are dangerous.

This is meant to be for informational purposes only. If you require medical advice, see your doctor.

See more here: https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/a-history-of-vaccines-to-the-present-pfizer-covid-vaccine-their-dangers-with-dr-carrie-madej/



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