Mission to plant Ukrainian flag on Snake Island fails


Pravda Report


Published on Jul 7, 2022

The Russian Aerospace Forces did not allow the Ukrainian military to plant a Ukrainian flag on Snake Island.

“Against the backdrop of military failures and a massive retreat of Ukrainian troops in the Donbass on the night of July 7, the Kyiv regime attempted to symbolically deliver the Ukrainian flag to Snake Island,” the Russian military department said in a report.

Ukraine distributed photos of the Ukrainian flag on Snake Island. In late June, it was reported that the Russian military left the island.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that high-precision missiles immediately struck the island.

“At about 5 a.m. several Ukrainian servicemen landed on the island from a motor boat and took pictures with the flag. An aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces immediately launched an attack on Snake Island with the use of high-precision missiles. As a result of the attack, some of the Ukrainian military men were destroyed, others fled," the ministry said in a statement.

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