Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 16: Ask the Inspector


U.S. Tour of Duty


Published on Oct 21, 2022

Scott Ritter answers questions from the audience with host Jeff Norman every Friday night at 5 PM PT/5 8 PM ET/midnight GMT. Submit your question in advance:

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 Waiting Room
0:43 Intro with News Compilation
1:48 Beginning Discussion
18:55 Will the US Still Be Involved In Ukraine After Russia Wins?
21:58 Is Trump Lying About Claim He Would’ve Prevented Ukraine War?
27:10 Evidence the US Bought the 1996 Russian Election?
28:29 Discussion on 60 Minutes Bucha Peace
42:33 What Will Happen to US Bases in Germany Over the Winter?
47:30 NATO No Fly Zone Discussion
56:34 NATO Nuclear False Flag and Elections?
57:00 How would the US Normalize Relationship with Russia?
57:55 How Would You Respond to Ukraine as Russia?
1:09:18 How Would You Do It Differently?
1:11:49 Strategic Advantage to Holding Kiev?
1:18:10 What Could Happen If the US and Russia Were Friends?
1:27:25 Russian Claims Ukraine Will Nuke Mykolaiv as False Flag?
1:31:50 Legitimacy of Referenda in Zaporozhye and Kherson?
1:37:20 Timing of Russian SMO?
1:47:59 Comment on Nuclear Weapons Hoax Book?
1:49:15 Difference in Different NATO Trained Ukrainians?
1:55:28 How Does Russia View Japan?
2:00:26 Was Brexit Preparation for War on Russia?
2:04:32 Thoughts On Biden's New Chip Sanctions?
2:08:25 Scott Ritter Mailing List?
2:12:12 Alternative to Trump?
2:16:00 NATO Response To Russian Mobilization?

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