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THE INTERREGNUM: Coup Update-January 17th. President Trump's Fork in the Road. Will EO be Activated?


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Published on Jan 16, 2021

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Military Interregnum - Cromwellian Protectorate from a Socialist/Communist takeover for the People. Cromwellian not Orwellian I'd say …

THE MILITARY INTERREGNUM: Coup Update-January 17th. President Trump's Fork in the Road. Will EO be Activated? Most believe that President Trump will simply leave for Mar A Lago the morning of Joe Biden's inauguration. This will be most probably the case. But does that mean that a alleged fraudulent election, to which no evidence was even looked at by either the legislative or Federal Judicial branches of government, should be sanctioned under American law? After all LEX REX. In old originalist America LAW WAS KING.

The Military obviously cannot intervene in our elections.
The Joints Chief have made that clear. But what if a preponderance of evidence pours forth that our elections were in fact interfered with by foreign adversaries- evidence which heretofore has either been dismissed by leftist, political activist judges or newly provided?

Whether most Americans realize it or not (Mainstream Media won't tell you this) Washington D.C., our nations Capitol has been declared a National Emergency zone with 21,000 National Guard troops deployed with good reason. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just announced the presence of tens of thousands of CCP dual citizen soldiers on US soil.

DEFCON has been raised to the limit and on highest alert. The VOA America broadcast system and EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) have both been tested to reach every cell phone in America & their respective radio & TV broadcasts to reach over 200 nations around the world. President Trump ordered all this in "preparation" for the Inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President of a very unsettled United States.

President Trump & White House Staff have "planned" a departure ceremony for him at Joint Base Andrews on Wed. morning - 21 gun salute and farewell speech on a red carpet for his final flight on Airforce One to Mar A Lago, Palm Beach Florida. But is that the end - or just a new beginning?

Not since the Interregnum of the people Protectorate of Sir Oliver Cromwell have we ever seen a major world power turn over the rule of law and the safety and security of a major nation state to temporary Military rule for the sake of their people and in order to reestablish law & order , proper governance and the true Constitution of that nation.

That order was in effect as of 4 days ago - but did the Commander in Chief activate it? Under our US Constitution he has until 11:59 AM Wed. January 20th to do so.

What is the offshore Corporation (founded in 1947 by National Security State SES globalists) to which treasonous leaders of both parties signed their allegiance. A transnationalist all controlling Socialist entity that seeks to subvert and replace our duly elected Constitutional officials with a "International Network" a New World Order government which calls for the the cessation of our own American national sovereignty?

If there are 2 inaugurations on Wed. God forbid is the one accepted by our US military is the offshore corporation. John Adams righteously warned posterity "Liberty once lost, is lost forever." Donald Trump will continue to fight for freedom and liberty. Mark my words ...

God bless and save the UNITED STAES OF AMERICA


Federico Cardella
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