Best News Bloopers 2012 (Part 4)


News Be Funny


Published on Nov 13, 2012

Best News Bloopers 2012 (Part 4)! Funny news bloopers 2012 (Part 4) that will make you laugh.


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News Be Funny is the world’s official source for news bloopers. News Be Funny continues the time honored tradition of the news blooper reel started decades ago by news stations for their end of the year celebrations. Our videos with original commentary put a funny and thoughtful spin on humorous errors made during the production of live news broadcasts which provides a narrative that adds value to each and every viewer. To date, our videos have gained over 500 million views while being featured on Mashable, Buzzfeed, Time Magazine, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, HuffPost and WGN.

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