Fmr. Kuwaiti Minister On "Deal of the Century": Palestinian Cause Is One of Missed Opportunities




Published on Nov 8, 2018

During an interview on the Egyptian Mehwar TV channel, Kuwait's former Minister of Information Sami Abadullatif Al-Nesf praised Oman for supporting the "Deal of the Century" and for wanting to arrive at realistic solutions to the Palestinian issue. Al-Nesf said that the Palestinian cause has paid the price for choosing bad leaders who made bad decisions, and that the Palestinian cause has become the cause of missed opportunities. He also said that nobody has harmed the Palestinian cause as much as the extremists have, and criticized those who claim to love Palestine for wanting "war and fighting down to the very last Palestinian child." He said that the "Deal of the Century" should not be rejected out of hand, and that those who reject it should offer an alternative. The interview aired on October 27, 2018.