NAACP "Hate" Replacement Theory Michelle Thomas is an embarrassment to her own radical movement


Combat Critical Race Theory in Schools


Published on May 20, 2022

On 5/20/22, Michelle Thomas, Loudoun County NAACP President held a "vigil" today for the (10) people that were senselessly murdered in a Buffalo, NY grocery store by a lunatic. Thomas doesn't care about what happened in Buffalo, she only sees it as breathing new life into her "white supremacy" rhetoric. However, since "white supremacy" has been played out, Thomas tries to act intelligent and warns of the new "Hate" Replacement Theory. Hate to break the news to the Loudoun County race hustler, but it's actually called "The GREAT Replacement Theory", not "Hate" and it's not new. It's been around since at least the 19th century. Then, the felony fraud tells the crowd of 7 or 8 people that the "Hate" Replacement Theory is the same thing as Critical Race Theory. Just because both terms have the word "theory" in them doesn't actually make them the same.

So while trying to inject the new and improved "white supremacy" phrase of "The Great Replacement Theory", Thomas butchers the hell out of it and thinks it's the same as CRT.

Just to recap Michelle Thomas's history:
- She fled Florida while wanted on a felony warrant
- Spent lavishly on luxuries despite multiple many bankruptcies
- She is NOT a descendent of American slaves
- She hijacked Loudoun County Public Schools using a false discrimination narrative
- Self-appointed "pastor"

In other words, Michelle Thomas is Loudoun's biggest fraud. She is not to be trusted or believed. Ask her how many times she's been busted for writing bad checks. Leopards don't change their spots.


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