Silencing of the Trans Lambs: How Assisted Suicide is being offered as a way out as reality sinks in


Jon Uhler


Published on Mar 26, 2024

Pt. 2, Episode 73. Continuing his eye opening review of the books currently being used to sexually groom minors into the Trans Movement, Pierre Barns, Founder and Director of Exposing (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity), continues to reveal how the Canadian govt. is waging war on parental rights, via the aggressive push of sexually deviant books in schools used to groom kids, the expanding medicalization of troubled gender-confused minors, and the increasingly totalitarian approach toward silencing anyone or any organization that would dare to speak the truth and inform the public about how financial and sexual predators are using the Trans Movement to gain direct access to kids.

Pierre will continue reviewing updated changes to his free real-time database, which allows parents to not only read Pierre's review of the most widely used deviant books in schools, but also to perform a real-time search of their children's school library book list, to look into whether any of the sexually deviant SOGI Sex Ed books are currently in their children's school libraries. Additionally, important dots are connected to show how Canada and other countries, which have the most aggressive Transgender medical policies toward fast tracking troubled youth on toward medicalization and amputation, also have implemented policies facilitated assisted suicide for the same ages & categories being targeted by the Pushers of the Transgender medicine. Real stories are presented to show how diabolical are those who've planned this "final solution" for those young people being exploited by the Trans Deception.

(Pt.1) Episode 73 Pierre Barnes: Combatting the Grooming of our Kids, by Unmasking Deviant SOGI 123 Sex Ed in Schools.

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