Flashback Friday - Ep35 - Send Her Back!


Red Ice TV


Published on Jul 19, 2019

** Starts at 11:13 **

In Ep35 of Flashback Friday Henrik and Lana discuss the latest news and important stories from the week.

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Stories covered:
* Chris Pratt’s "White Supremacist" T-shirt
* Trans Activist Sues Brazilian Wax Business after Owner Refused to Shave "Her" Balls
* "Fascists" in Farmer's Markets
* Italian prosecutors launch probe into Russia collusion claims
* Iran claims to have seized British oil tanker in strait of Hormuz
* "Send Her Back!" Chants Aimed at Ilhan Omar at Trump Rally, the President Cucks, Disavow Supporters
* Ilhan Omar: "America Not the Country of White People"
* Canadian-Somali Journalist Goes Back to Somalia to Show how Great it is, Ends up Dead in a Terrorist Attack
* "Fellow White person" Marianne Williamson (Vishnevetsky) Leads White People In a "Collective Apology" to Blacks
* Brazilian Woman Violently Pushes Priest Off Stage To The Horror Of Thousand
* Kamala Harris blasts, then takes money from Epstein's law firm for 2020 campaign
* AOC's Green New Deal Could Be Pay For By "Printing More Money"

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