Why It ROCKS To Be A Single Mom - Rebutted!


Stefan Molyneux


Published on Sep 13, 2015

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"Single parenthood is tough. There's no denying that at times it can be exhausting doing it all by yourself. But there are good times, too. Single parents do an amazing job. Here are 15 reasons why being a single parent can really rock."

Stefan Molyneux explains why it not only doesn't rock to be a single mom - it really really sucks - especially for any children involved.

0:00 - Some Facts About Single Moms
15:40 - You get loads of cuddles!
16:55 - You can cook whatever you want!
17:35 - You have total control over the household budget!
18:35 - You can make the kids help you shop, tidy and clean, guilt-free!
19:04 - It's really easy to enforce punishments!
20:11 - There's no one else to blame!
20:33 - On the weekend, you get to choose the activities!
21:28 - Once you find other single-mum friends, you get to hang out with them for as long as you like!
22:01 - If they go to their dad's/mum's for a weekend, you have a whole two nights to yourself!
23:05 - Family members offer to take the kids!
25:24 - You can watch whatever TV you want!
26:18 - You can unanimously decide to do movie nights!
26:53 - You work really, really hard, but when you do get time to relax, it feels amazing!
27:17 - You start to feel stronger!
28:02 - You learn to take hard decisions!

Article: http://www.netmums.com/parenting-support/single-parents/life-as-a-single-parent/reasons-it-rocks-to-be-a-single-mum

The Truth About About Single Moms
Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/truth-about-single-moms

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