Ry Dawson the Anti-NeoCon on Resurrect the Republic with Tom Lacovara-Stewart


Ryan Dawson


Published on Sep 8, 2018

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Two PaleoConservatives walked into a bar....um, I mean a studio... Ry Dawson of the Anti-Neocon Report joins Tom Lacovara-Stewart of the Resurrect the Republic Radio Show / RTR Truth Media to celebrate the passing of Warhawk, POW/MIA deserting, USS Liberty betraying John McCain and to nominate the self-sacrificing tumor that saw him sent to hell, for the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh yeah, and while neither of us agrees in any way shape and form with censorship, we do beat up the gay frog hating, fear-porn progenitor, Alex Gatekeeper "Jonestown" Jones, and so much more..... so sit back, grab the popcorn and have some fun.

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Ron Paul - Hands Off Syria :

Other subjects covered:
Israelification of American Law Enforcement
Israeli weapons sales and use on Palestinians
Undercover Police Agent Provocateurs -
NYPD Office in TelAviv - WMDs - Iran - Iraq
Transgender LGBT - Identity Polotics
Cultural Marxism - Dimona Nuclear Power Plant
John F. Kennedy - Robert F. Kennedy
Israeli Theft of US Nuclear Tech and Material
Mordecai Vannunu - Johnathan Pollard
Missing Uranium - False Flag Terrorism
Israeli Spying on the United States - 911
Mossad - Zionist Organization of America
President Lyndon B. Johnson - ADL
SPLC - Christianity - Christian Zionism
Syria - Jews - Christians - Muslims - Religion
Cyrus Scofield Reference Bible - Usury - IMF
Babylonian Talmud - USS Liberty - Admiral Morrison
Jim Morrison - Tea Party - Ron Paul - Obama
Sabud Cult - Lorena Fuddy - Birthers - Taxation
Occupy Wall Street - Federal Reserve -
Alt-Right - Antiwar Conservatives - Gary Johnson
Libertarians - Anarcho Communists - Oxymoron
Tide Pod Eating Morons - McTumor Nobel Peace Prize
POW MIA - Al Qaeda - Confederacy - Japan - Vaccines
Drug Addiction - Lyme Disease - Confederate Statues
Social Justice Warriors - SJWs and even more.....

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