Looting why some places and not others answers


Ryan Dawson


Published on Sep 17, 2017

Why after hurricanes in America there is mass looting? Even with the media blowing it out of proportion there is certainly a lot of looting. Yet in Japan after a massive tsunami there was no looting. Why?

You get a bunch of different guesses. Saying cultural differences is a non answer answer because it doesn't actually explain WHAT those difference are or how that works.

Japan doesn't have guns or religion about 80% of the population is atheist. They do have a sense of honor but why? Is it just good parenting? Maybe a little bit but this is what I see. Japan doesn't foster an attitude of entitlement. Being a victim group in Japan is just seen as being weak. You get no atrocity points. But most of all work ethic matters. It matters because allowing that to erode undermines the whole society. In a country that had to rebuild itself, not working, being lazy, is as shameful as holding racist beliefs would be in the US.

There is no welfare system in Japan. Instead of giving people money for doing nothing, they give them pointless jobs like handing out tissue papers with little ads on them, or packing icecream into boxes. They give them unnecessary busy work and then pay them for that. The work is not necessary for production. But it is necessary for the person and their own self respect. (Giving someone spare change in Japan is insulting and they are also a non tipping culture. The idea behind no tips is frankly do your damn job well or get a different one)

This way a person freeloading off the system will get money they need to get by but they will not keep their leisure time. This is a huge incentive to work (since you have to anyway) which builds character and also it brings a respect for possessions since you know what it takes to earn something. In the US there is no workfare system, people just get a check in the mail and don't lose any leisure time. Why work a low end job if you can make about the same amount doing nothing and retain your leisure time? It causes people to degenerate and they have no concept of what working for something means. To them wealth is just "distributed" and they want more. So people with that attitude are more likely to steal and feel no remorse. The US welfare system could learn a lot from Japan. US immigration could learn even more.

Ryan Dawson