EU will be the Major Sufferer in the Ukrainian Events! Russia is implementing Putin's Secret Plan!




Published on Mar 5, 2022

EU will be the Major Sufferer in the Ukrainian Events! Russia is implementing Putin's Secret Plan!

Greetings my dear truthseekers. I remember how many of my friends and subscribers asked me what Russia would do if the West refused to provide security guarantees to Moscow. In December last year, in one of my videos, I said that Putin and his team have two goals - not only to achieve the neutral status of Ukraine but also to nationalize the Russian elites, to achieve a ban on withdrawing money to offshore companies and cut off the tail of Russian liberals. Putin deliberately made an ultimatum to the West, knowing in advance that they would not agree to Russia's terms. All this was done in order to begin to implement his secret plan. As we are seeing right now, Russia's goals are being successfully achieved - against a background of unprecedented Western sanctions, Russia ensured the safety of its citizens in the Donbass and demilitarized Ukraine, a ban was introduced on the export of foreign currency over 10 thousand dollars from Russia, also was introduced a ban on enrolment of percentage and dividends to foreign accounts. The Russian government also introduced a rule of the sale by Russian companies of 80% of their foreign exchange earnings. The websites of some media outlets owned by liberals were also banned. And against the backdrop of falling stock prices of Russian companies, the government allocated funds from the National Welfare Fund to take advantage of the situation and buy out all Russian assets from foreigners for a penny. As you can see, Russia took full advantage of the situation. And now let's see what the European Union got from the sanctions against Russia? The world's leading experts are convinced that sanctions will negatively affect the European Union. The EU has banned flights of Russian aircraft over its territory. Moscow responded by banning all flights of European aircraft over Russian territory.............

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