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Published on Aug 9, 2018

Daniel Frändelöv – a former leftist – who previously used the alias Conrad, ran the popular Swedish podcast Ingrid & Conrad for about three years. Currently he is on the board of the association "Free Sweden" (Det Fria Sverige), an advocacy group for Sweden and Swedes. He also writes for an new independent newspaper that focuses on important developments within Swedish society.

Henrik welcomes Daniel back to Red Ice to discuss the ongoing war for our nations, Western Civilization, and the survival of European man. We begin our program with an analysis of the draconian censorship regime that has been imposed upon Alex Jones’ InfoWars by the major tech companies; and how similar events are occurring in Sweden. Henrik and Daniel detail the nebulous and generic way these Orwellian giants justify deplatforming, and how the internet ought to be designated as a public space. We then address how a free-wheeling internet has been a tremendous medium to put forward views that challenge multicultural orthodoxy. The first hour goes on to discuss the glaring double standards as far as censorship is concerned; the effectiveness of the alternative media; and the crippling financial, cultural, and physical costs of mass migration.

In the Red Ice members’ segment, Henrik and Daniel delve further into the latest news developments in Sweden; censorship against Alex Jones, nationalist groups, and alternative media entities across Europe; and the dangers associated with media concentration in the hands of an elite few. We also discuss the versatility of open platforms, the power of debate, and much more.

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