Political Chaos


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Published on Apr 3, 2020

It’s Friday, April 3, and The McSpencer Group is back.

Joining me today are Keith Woods and Mark Brahmin.

Main topic: Anarcho-Tyranny

It’s not just the flu, bro. It’s not a Democratic hoax. And it’s not magically going away in April.

Coronavirus is here, and it’s created a “new normal” for over half the population of the planet, who are quarantined in their homes with only Netflix and OnlyFans there to carve out a semblance of community.

The panel takes a step back and looks at what the Corona crisis reveals about us, the nature of government, and the future of geopolitics.

Most pundits and politicians will be spared by Coronachan . . . only to be destroyed by their unbearably bad takes. Coronavirus has separated the wheat from the chaff; it’s revealed the weakness and incompetance of the “world’s only Superpower,” and clouded the future.

The panel discusses Pan-Europeanism, Carl Schmitt and Sam Francis, the My Pillow guy’s political religion, and the decline of the American empire.

No topic is too pretentious or arcane for this panel of pseudo-intellectual posers.