‘The fact is that the so called war on terror is a complete fraud’ Dr Kevin Barrett on Radio Sput


Kevin Barrett


Published on Oct 5, 2017

The Pentagon has denied the claims that the US-led coalition is working with Daesh terrorists in Syria. According to the US Defense Department, any suggestion that the US-led coalition is cooperating with Daesh terror group is baseless and unhelpful. The comment came after the Russian Defense Ministry called the US support for terrorists in Syria the main obstacle to defeating them in the war-torn country. The ministry said Daesh terrorists carried out a series of coordinated attacks on Syrian government troops near the village of Rukban from a zone controlled by US forces. Earlier in September, the Russian Defense Ministry published a batch of aerial pictures showing that the Syrian Democratic Forces and the US troops that support them are present in Syria's areas held by Daesh.

Radio Sputnik discussed a Doctor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, an author and political commentator, the co-founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth, he is also the owner and the manager of the truthjihad.com website - Dr. Kevin Barrett.

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