The "Lost" colony myth, What Really Happened


Ryan Dawson


Published on May 23, 2019

Hatteras Museum debunking the "lost" colony myth.
Those that promote the lost colony myth rely solely on David Beers Quinn, a man hired by the Roanoke Tourist commission to "research" about the colony. Of course what they selected out of what he came up with was motivated by economics not historical truth. Others get their version from Paul Green's fictional outdoor drama. Paul Green was appealing to a 1930s audience who, could not stomach the idea of White English marrying Native Indians and so he simply changed it and made a "mystery" as to what happened. A mystery also sells more tickets. This also gave Roanoke historical significance and prevented the entire Island from being gobbled up by the newly formed National Park Service. A faked reconstruction of Fort Raleigh was made in the 50s for the same reason but was busted for not being authentic.

And lastly the laziest bunch, simply do a wiki search and recite the BS drivel that is wikipedia. These hot heads yell the loudest about something they know nothing about. They couldn't even write croatoan and ignorantly called it croatan for years. Wiki is a complete waste of time and an appeal to the lowest common denominator. more here