Russia's Rivals are Alarmed┃Moscow launched a Unique Satellite 'COSMOS-2564' into Space




Published on Dec 12, 2022

Russia's Rivals are Alarmed┃Moscow launched a Unique Satellite 'COSMOS-2564' into Space

On November 28, 2022, the Russian carrier rocket ''Soyuz-21B'' successfully launched from the Plesetsk military cosmodrome and put a spacecraft under the serial number ''COSMOS-2564'' into orbit. This seemingly ordinary event, for some reason, became the reason for a massive attack by bots on social networks, calling for condemning the launch of this new satellite and completely stopping further space exploration. Seeing what is happening, a reasonable question arose, What caused such concern among the opponents of Russia? My friends, in this video, I will try to answer this question. To start with, it's worth pointing out that this year the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation launches its satellites into orbit with commendable regularity. Although foreign customers left Russia due to sanctions, there was no collapse in the Russian market for space launch services.

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