Don't Tread on Me! 26 Libertarian Questions Answered!


Stefan Molyneux


Published on Jul 27, 2014

0:00 - The Philosophy Of Liberty w/ Stefan Molyneux

27:06 - What advice do you have for someone interested in pursuing a career in therapy?

31:40 - How does the NAP apply to abortions?

39:00 - If people refuse our definitions, shouldn't we just come up with new words?

42:22 - What is coercion in a physical sense? Can it be defined by science, or reason?

44:56 - How do you handle a conversation if they don't accept the truth?

52:22 - Clarifications on NAP pertaining to abortion.

1:04:03 - More clarifications on NAP/abortion

1:10:05 - Would your overall happiness level be higher in a free-er country than socialist Canada?

1:16:41 - Why do people get annoyed or mad at "question everything"?

1:22:00 - Are Freedom and Liberty synonymous?

1:30:54 - Why have so many statist societies developed and virtually no anarchic ones?

1:35:16 - Would you press a button to instantly end government?

1:38:50 - Is it morally acceptable to assist someone who has had their rights violated?

1:45:43 - Who should you respond to with aggression, if initiated by a collective/gov.?

1:40:40 - Is the justification of property rights or self ownership necessary for a free society?

1:43:41 - What's an example of something that recently blew your mind?

1:48:12 - Do you prefer voluntary socialist or capitalist structures for small groups/businesses?

1:50:26 - Do you advocate any formal formal family governance structures?

1:52:26 - What is your opinion on voluntary government?

1:55:36 - Do you think the capitalist/anarchic model of society is inevitable given our progress?

1:57:04 - How do you talk to your kiddo about liberty, to think outside the state?

1:58:32 - Why not take the anarchism button to congress to threaten them to give minarchism?

2:02:10 - How long do you think it will take to end the state?

2:03:40 - Aside from peaceful parenting: What do you see as possible "exit strategies"?

2:06:30 - Is producing more fiction novels/films/art effective in getting closer to a free society?

2:09:50 - How would you encourage a loved one to pursue therapy to process trauma?

2:14:04 - Who do you think will colonize a non-earth planet first, government or private agency?

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