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Published on Mar 30, 2020

Videotext and transcript from Dr Rashid A Buttar with 10.1K subscribers
Recap: Part 3 disclosed the manipulation of a naturally occurring “wild-type” coronavirus into the resulting COVID-19 chimera, created despite the protests of leading virologists, conducted during a 2014 governmental moratorium against this specific type of manipulation on organisms with the potential to create a pandemic. The kicker was that it was documented via studies published in leading scientific journals. So what’s that got to do with 5G?

Part 4 first documents the difference between what 5G is and what we THINK it is, helping to make us realize that 5G is a massive microwave, a technology that is actually impacting our physiology beyond the level that most of us could ever comprehend. The studies showing the resulting effects on the heart, immune system, adrenals, brains and reproductive systems of humans and animals is clear. But it’s only the beginning. We will show that 5G actually disrupts the calcium channels within cell membranes, making the COVID-19 and other enveloped viruses able to permeate the cell membrane more efficiently and rendering the resulting immune-compromised individual into a precarious and potentially life-threatening situation.

Beyond that, the Part 4 documents all the places with the highest casualties attributed to the COVID-19 (excluding the deaths lied about by the mainstream media), in areas where 5G was first rolled out including Wuhan, Iran, and Italy. This video further documents the 5G industry has been riddled with conflict of interests and propagation of misinformation. The technology has been vehemently disapproved of and protested against by hundreds of scientists and doctors from all over the world. But these warnings have been ignored by the governmental agencies appointed to safeguard our health.
Wuhan extraordinary in typical fashion, the “virus hunters” came out shut out “toxicity exposers”. What does CDC do when faced with determining the cause of any multiple deaths from unusual causes? They send out 2 teams. The toxicology team and the infectious disease team. Where are the toxicology teams? But this is not the first time or the 10th time the toxicity issue has been ignored or minimized. In fact, this seems to be the standard approach. Why? Because an industry or company can be held responsible for the resulting catastrophic issues it may be responsible for if it is identified as a toxicity issue. But with a virus or bacteria, no one can be held responsible. And so, a virus becomes the perfect scapegoat.

The motive then becomes simple. As has been done before, just send the viral hunters out so they can blame the resulting deaths and injuries on a pathogen (it’s nobodies fault because the virus or bacteria is naturally occurring) and insulate the actual industry culprits who created the real problem and are responsible for the massive loss of life (because industry get’s insulated and shielded by the perfect scapegoat of the virus or bacteria on which everything is blamed).

Unfortunately, the misinformation campaign has continued to be ramped up. It’s up to YOU to share this information with those you love. Pay it forward and get this information out to all who want the facts and value the truth. Even the recent recommendations being made, are full of intentional misinformation and errors. The VERY things that are going to help you, are being promoted as things you should stay AWAY from!

Part 5 and Part 6 will call these so-called expert and doctors out and will give you actual, practical solutions! And will give you the real scoop of what you should be doing and what you should be on high alert for. The agenda appears clear. What qualifies me to be able to talk about any potential treatment or call someone out? Watch the home video on our YouTube channel "Who Is Dr Buttar" if you have this question.
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